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Well I wasn't sure where to put this, so I figured the maintenance and repair section would do, considering changing your oil and filter is part of that "maintenance" every owner should perform.

Any rate, with the increasing oil prices, and filters climbing too, I found some great prices that I've stocked up on. Really puts a bad feeling in the gut paying so much for oil that never goes down.

NAPA is currently selling their own brands of oil for some great prices. Conventional - $2.29/qt. and Synthetic - $3.29/qt.

I stocked up on two cases of Synthetic for myself, much cheaper than any other synthetic I've ever seen. A lot claim its very similar to Valvoline, sounds good to me. Plus with the fact that the little 'ole Vulcan isn't pushed into high RPM's or abused, it should see 5k oil changes with ease.

I know a lot recommend the Motorcraft filter due to the fact that the bypass is at the top and that if clogged you're not sucking debris from the bottom of the filter and what have you. But Advance Auto Parts has a great deal on the Purolator PureOne PL20195 filter for the Bulls - $5.00 for filter!

I ended up going online and adding a whole case of filters (12) to my cart. Then I selected a pickup in my local store. Then I added the promo code "BIG25". From what was once $60.00, the total cost for the 12 filters is now $35!. With taxes, approx $37-38, thank you NYS. Before tax it comes out to $2.91 per filter. A great price for that grade of filter which I believe normally costs about $6-7. Even cheaper than the Motorcraft, Wal-Mart has them somewhere around $3.29, dealer online wants $7.29.

For some of you, you might have to check at a few stores because some have limited quantities. Of course you could always have them shipped to you.

Just though I'd share my 2 cents. Don't see ANY problems running the NAPA oil, its not as if I'm going to the track, just plain old driving. Let me know if you go ahead and order this, just curious.
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