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Keys and fobs

I found this site that has chipped keys and remotes for our cars. Might be worth taking a look at:

Search : Car Remote, Keyless Entry Remote, Keyfob, Key fob, Remote Transmitter
If you read the manual, one finds the fobs are generic and your car can learn up to 8 fobs. Teaching your car to talk to a fob is kinda funky. My book says to turn the key on to off to on 8 times and end with it on. I will skip the door lock sequence, then push any button on the fob, etc.

If you have 2 working keys, then you can make a spare with the book procedure, or at least teach your car to talk to another chip key. If you have only 1 key, then you are up a creek. They say, only a dealer can make #2 key. I paid $97 to get a second key. They needed my license, proof of ownership, and the car in their garage.

You car may differ.

Sometimes it pays to read the book, other times good info on the internet. When I got my latest Sable, I read the book and learned how to turn my fog lights on. I did not know my '01 had fog lights, and I had owned it for 7 years. Then I turned them on and nothing happened. Seems they only work when the headlights are on and the key is "on". Lots of interesting stuff in the book.

From the internet I found out where they hid the keypad code for my '03 Sable. Behind the fuse box, facing the fire wall. Read it with a mirror. Of course that ain't in the book.

Oh well, Ford is big on this keychip thing. I got this from a salesman at a Ford dealer, that employees had been making duplicate keys and joy riding new lot cars on weekends. And that was why Ford has such a tight policy on who can make chipkeys.

Happy key and fob.


ps. Loose both chip keys and you are up the proverbal waterway without a suitable means of propulsion.
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