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1996 Taurus GL, Pacific Green

it seems like there is some type of coating on the black plastic rocker panel. It didnt do this until today. A couple of weeks ago, I was treating the metal above the plastic rocker, on the driver's side rear door. I failed to mask it well enough, and had a big paint run drip over the plastic rocker. I went to the car wash today, and tried to spray it (the paint run) off with the spray hose, but this car wash has a water stream like a sand blaster, and took off the coating of the rocker, that I didnt even know it had. Obviously, one way to deal with this would be to find another black plastic rocker section at a junk yard (which I did on a previous car, when rust caused the original to fall off). But, I think they're probably getting harder to find, plus, I'd rather leave well enough alone, concerned what unbolting and rebolting may weaken the corroded metal that holds it together. It's just a cosmetic issue, but the car is in pretty nice original condition otherwise. Has anyone else had this happen, and have found an appropriate solution to re-coating peeled black plastic rockers, on gen 3 taurus?



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