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My 2000 SES w/ Duratek Bull has left the stable at only 81,000 miles. The new owner seemed pleased with his acquisition and I'm happy for him. It is very clean for it's age (no rust, never wrecked, clean inside & out & engine, new A/C, new tires, full maintenance and service records, etc). Lots of road time left on that vehicle.

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the help over the years (since 2007). Since that time, with your help, I've successfully wrestled our 1996 Bull, and since 2011, this 2000 Bull. Even though the vehicle has moved on, your past help is still greatly appreciated. I know I'll be able to use much of what I've learned from your shared experience on my other vehicles in the future.

I look forward to staying a 4th Generation forum member and chiming in if I think I have anything useful to add. I had a lot of DIY hours and pics of most of the jobs I did. Btw, I just found this nice 4th gen historical write up if interested:

I wish you all the best of health, wealth and wisdom. Take care : )

Regards . . .
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