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Tail Lights Gen 2/1

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Alright everyone here has the smoked tail lights and i think its like everyone has them so i want something different. I been looking around and The Impala SS has clear tails and are basicly the same shape with a little modifacation. Or maybe another car. Id be willing to do some of the idiots work on being the first to try it just to be original kind of thing. Anyone with ideas?????
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the impalas wouldnt work, they are too big and too round on all parts and would look odd
If you want to do 1/2 Gen tail lights, look at some mid 90's Honda civic tails, pretty close in size and shape to the taurus lights.
Just some ideas.
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Anybody done this before before i start because it will probably starting after spring break so def 2 weeks. But maybe what about bulbs?
Did you ever get anything done with that? i've been looking for some kinda clear tail lights or something for my 93 GL. i don't want the blackout ones either, i want something different
I have 3 Gen 2 taillights if anyone needs them for this project. Just let me know.
Originally posted by stpidhoser@Aug 15 2005, 02:21 PM
I have 3 Gen 2 taillights if anyone needs them for this project. Just let me know.
Do you mean just stock tail lights?
Yea. If you're trying to do it since there is no aftermarket.
Basicly if you take off the red plastic, or crack it in a common situation, you can see the reflective backround in the tails. So if you just cover it with a durable clear plastic that wont melt from the heat, and then seal it correctly so it doesnt fog, presto you have your customized 'euro" tails. the only thing is you need red bulbs for them, which they most def. make. It's too much petty work for me or I would have tried it by now.
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