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I have some stuff for sale and will have more in the near future(days). This will save you alot off money.

I have 3 diff sets of 5x7's which will replace your front door speakers and rear deck speakers. Pioneer, Orion, and another brand I cant think of right now.
I will have a 4-way sony explode amp 4 sale with built in cross-overs. I will also have a rockford 8in sub in a pre-built box. And another amp, I think it is califonia; which you can bridge and power the sub. The california also has the built in cross-over for the sub. I will also have a set of 5 1/4 sony explode. That is all I can think of for now.

This will build an almost entire system and I will sell it all together at a very good price.

I will be petting this stuff up for sale soon with pics. As soon as I get some time.

Just give me a PM if you are interested. Or if anyone wants something, just shoot me a PM.

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heres what I just bought when I got an amp and sub and also the rest of what I had before. The amp and sub may work for you.
P.S. a decent box makes all the difference. Mine costed me $40 at radio shack when a walmart pos was $20 and wouldn't fit my sub without modification. Do not buy a box online unless there is free shipping because you will get killed on the shipping charges.
Ok here it is
The Box
The Sub
The Amp
http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id...yId=cat03085The Wireing Kit

Just to clarify, I am a poor bastered and was looking to build a cheap system. I have to say this system sounds damb good and put outs an incredible amount of base. I didn't expect it to be this good for the price. I know its not neccesarly name brand but I could build it cheaper that way. Even when I run it at 1/4 power it produces enough thump for a back massage. It also has a very crisp, clean sound and is able to distiguis notes extremely well.

Just for s***s while I'm at it this is the other half of my system I previously installed in my car.
The Deck (can no longer find but this is an equivalent replacement of same brand, probally an updates model.)
My 6 1/2 rounds
My 6x8's
That sums up my audio. Nice balance of bass and treble.
price breakdown
I paid $27 for the sub
$50 for the amp
$40 for the box
$20 for the wiring kit (not bad considering it would probally cost about that to peice all the stuff togather)
$120 for the cd deck (now they sell for about $100)
$45 for the 6 1/2 rounds
and finally about $48 for the 6x8's

good luck and watch you sales and you can get 1 hell of a deal.

this may also work for you if you want a cheap sub system.

I would check walmart 1st for anything because they seem to ussually have lower prices than best buy on speakers and wiring.
Don't buy a walmart box though because it has to much potential for leaks.
A lot of the sound quality comes from wiring so if you want the optimal sound do not go to best buy were they do a s***ty slap togather job. Do it youself and take your time. I would recomend sadering all your connections.

If you just want a little base you may be able to put in 6x9's in the back and put a box under them. I personally would not recomend this approach though.

Well good luck man!

Keep in mind that people will critisize what every you get. remember that it is only important that you like what you got and you think it sounds good.
I took critisizume for my system but I think it sounds great.
Remember the key is wiring and a box that is sealed well!

I believe this is my longest post yet but I am always egar to help someone in my shoes that is just looking to save a few bucks because they may be strapped for cash!

p.s. keep us posted! Let us know what you end up with! Its always nice to hear the end to a good story!
All the links should be fixed because some didn't work before.
If you want cheap speakers stay away from paper and get polypropolene to make sure they will last awhile.
My one regret is that I did not get an mp3 deck. I would recomend doing this if you have a cd burner because you fit far more songs on a cd. This will make it so you do not need to get a cd changer!
here is a cheap mp3 deck I would recomend.
I would get this deck if I had the cash to get a new one.

heres a link to my actual deck that I found on ebay.

once again good luck with your seach!
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