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Hi y'all!

So I decided to throw this up last minute in case anyone wanted to see what it looked like. I installed some switchback LEDs in place of the standard incandescent halogen bulbs used for the turn signals. Super easy to install and man, do they look much better.
These are super last minute pictures as I didn't think about it during the last photoshoot I did, but I snagged a picture with them on and off to see how the headlights look. Check it out!

I'd really recommend checking the direct links below. It's either have a small image here or a forum-destroying 32mb picture slapped across your screen.

For those who don't know what switchback LEDs are, they are essentially white and amber. When the headlights are on with the factory bulbs, the turn signals are illuminated orange and flash a brighter orange as the signal. With switchbacks, they run white and flash amber when the turn signal is activated, and then return to white shortly after the wheel is returned to the center.

They look SO MUCH CLEANER and the housing is not an orange tint either. It's a standard clear housing which is nice as well. These are just some cheap LEDs from Amazon I'm giving a test run. I didn't use resistors and instead disabled the bulb outage detection in the BCM. When converting to LEDs, the BCM will hyperflash the turn signal thinking the bulb is out because LEDs are nearly zero power draw. Resistors are a way to solve this as they fabricate the situation of more power draw and render the BCM into thinking the bulb is operating fine (which in reality, it is).

Let me know what y'all think!
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