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Sway Bar(s)

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I'm looking for a front 24mm and rear 26mm. Or possibly just a rear 23mm/24mm. Not sure how a want to go just yet. (daily driver)

Send me an email or a PM. Let me know. I can pay with paypal or other.

I live near Philadelphia, in NJ. If any local guys or gals know of a yard with SHO parts let me know too. I've just started looking online. I haven't even checked local NJ yards yet. TOO DAMN COLD.


come on spring...
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Any sway bar from a Taurus (sedan--not wagon!) will fit. Did you check to see if you even have a rear sway bar now? Some Gen 4s don't even have the rear bar (cost-cutting by Ford.) If that's the case, even a 19mm bar will help you out some. I have one in my garage, if you are interested. IMO, it would be better to pull one from a junkyard, since you would be able to get the brackets and bushings to mount the bar with it. DON'T re-use the stock Ford rear end-links. They are crap. AutoZone sells Energy Suspension endlinks for about $15 that are 10x better.

If you are just interested in upgrading the rear bar, go with a 23mm. They came on most of the Gen 2 SHOs. If you go any bigger, you will get oversteer unless you go bigger in the front too. The 24/26 front/rear combo is a favorite for the autocross guys (and girls!) Some people report that the ride is a bit too harsh when dealing with potholes and regular street driving, but that is really just a personal preference. I have a 22mm front and 25mm rear bar right now. I'm putting in a 24mm front bar this weekend, b/c in the snow and ice, the rear end of my car likes to swing out just a bit.

Here are some links for you to check out...
SHOForum classifieds
Super High Output forum classifieds.
SHO sway bar information.

And of course, check eBay frequently for deals. I was able to get my 25mm rear sway bar for about $50 on eBay. That's alot better than spending a day running around looking through junkyards.
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Thanks Falcon, for the info.
I have a 26mm from an 89/90 SHO. I have 2, one off an 89 and 1 from a 90. I'm pulling both front 24mm swaybars tomorrow. But I like taking turns aggresively and streets are pretty decent in my area, so not much to worry in terms of potholes and ride comfort. In fact I may just put in the standard rubber bushing to keep a little comfort. Let me know if you're interested or they're going on eBay next week.

Thanks Mobi. I'm the same way about corners and my local streets and highways are in good shape too.

So you will have a front 24mm and a rear 26 available??? If so, how much for both a front 24mm and rear 26mm?

Let me know. Thanks again.
I didn't have the right size wrench to get the sway bar endlinks off, so I got them yesterday and will go pull them off tomorrow morning. Plus it rained a tiny bit yesterday morning, so it should be all dried out tomorrow morning and I'll have plenty of time to go gank the 2 off (2 24mms, I already got the 2 26mms.)

I have a 23mm rear bar you can have. It's in great shape, but you will need endlinks and mounts. Just pay shipping. PM me if you are interested.
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