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Success: Locked my fronts on dry pavement

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Who said that you need Hawk pads or larger calipers to lock your tires on dry pavement? Today I had to make an emergency stop in my car when it was going about 35 mph. The tires slid like 10 feet and I could smell the rubber in my cabin. It's 3rd gen ABS car with 10 something inch rotors and whatever pads it had when I bought it used. The tires are Hankook Mileage Plus II with plenty of rubber on them and about 34psi pressure. The brake fluid had been flushed recently. I never tried locking them on purpose, but something like this happened like 5 years ago. I guess, the emergency situations make you stand on the pedal like you never thought you would.
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The ABS may be perfectly fine. If all four wheels lock at the same time, the car will slide. ABS functions by reading a difference in wheel speed. No difference, no engagement. The system has no way to tell if the car is physically moving and the wheels are not, it sees the wheels at the same speed and behaves normally.
Drums require less pressure to lock, the reason for a bias valve/proportioning device.
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