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Subwoofer Question: Free Air Subs

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I was wondering what the difference is between subs that say they are free air subs vs. just a normal sub. Free air I take it means that you don't need a box. I was wondering about mounting a 10 inch sub in center hole in the rear where a 6x9 would go.

I was thinking that this would be a good alternative to going all out and having a box in the trunk taking up space. Anyone ever do this and have good results?

I see Pioneer makes a free air sub: TS-W254F. If anyone else has a recommendation for a good free air sub, let me know.
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A free-air sub is going to sound a little different than either ported or seald box subs. Some people say they sound like crap but I think it's all a matter of personal taste. Some time ago there was a device called an Aperiotic (forgive the spelling) membrane that was used alot in autosound circles. It was used to give subs the "sound" of sealed box while mounted infinate baffle style.
I have a 10" Clarion open air marine sub in that scenter space and I think it sounds fine to me. It is the only way I could have a sub in my car due to the fact that I use the trunk and couldn't give up the space.

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