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Heh, heh Your post only makes me glad I left LI years ago. I forgot how crappy some of those roads are. Theres just too many people on some of those roads now, they were meant for some potato farmers not heavy traffic. I am familiar with all thos places mentioned. I used to go crabbing in Patchogue, and I actually wrestled against Lindenhurst when I went to Sachem High School. Of course I used to love to go to Port Jeff by the ferry docks and get cold beer and clams on nice summer nights. Sigh I guess it wasn't so bad after all! good times lol I had a friend in LI who would pick a restaurant with potholes in the lot. He would write them a letter that he bottomed out on the lot and send them the repair bill. Worked about half the time for the slime ball. Hey there seems to be a lot of LI guys on the board. I think mycarhas peeling paint and a few others not on this thread. Could be the makings of a local club??????
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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