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Stupid Ucking Pot Holes!

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yea, hit one today......

was working for my uncle out on long island, in lindenhurst (for those of you that are locals)....

went to PC Richards (electronics store) to buy a tv/vcr combo.....brought it back to the office, damn thing had a slice in the case, but the box for 100% in tact

took it back, got a new piece
took a different road back to the office than the first time, BAM, pot hole....

knew it right away.........tire was squared.....thing that pisses me off the most is that i put them on in april!

atleast i can get a new tire for 45 bucks and get my friend to mount it cause his dad is a snap on dealer, and has EVERYTHIGN at home.....gotta love that......

then, had to drive back to JERSEY on the spare.....yadda yadda yadda....

so to see if we can make this a real informative post,....has anyone ever hit a pot hole and tried to and actually GOTTEN reimbursment from the town the pot hole was is?

am i crazy for wanting to call the town hall and b****ing tomorrow????
/end rant.

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Yeah, I hit one out near Crane Neck Beach (it's out near Setauket/ Port Jefferson) a long time ago, and damn near folded my tie rod in half. They paid me back like 3 months later for the damage.

That was a rarity. Something that wlll never happen again in my life. Usually, if you're persistant, it'll take a year or two to get reimbursed for any damage. Good luck with that.
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Yea I know what your talking about, I am a local (East Patchogue) and there are potholes all over the place. I hit potholes on the parkways I take to school!! And sometimes they aren't fixed for a good two or three months. Have you ever driven the Ocean Parkway? Forget about it...
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I get very scared of potholes and avoid them as much as possible (as everyone does, I'm sure) but I have heard of people getting reimbursed for damages. I certainly would try to get reimbursement. You most definitely are not crazy for wanting to try. It's worth a shot - let us know how it goes! Good luck!
Heh, heh Your post only makes me glad I left LI years ago. I forgot how crappy some of those roads are. Theres just too many people on some of those roads now, they were meant for some potato farmers not heavy traffic. I am familiar with all thos places mentioned. I used to go crabbing in Patchogue, and I actually wrestled against Lindenhurst when I went to Sachem High School. Of course I used to love to go to Port Jeff by the ferry docks and get cold beer and clams on nice summer nights. Sigh I guess it wasn't so bad after all! good times lol I had a friend in LI who would pick a restaurant with potholes in the lot. He would write them a letter that he bottomed out on the lot and send them the repair bill. Worked about half the time for the slime ball. Hey there seems to be a lot of LI guys on the board. I think mycarhas peeling paint and a few others not on this thread. Could be the makings of a local club??????
i bent a rim and inquired with the city about reimbursement. They told me that state law (texas) protects the state from paying out for potholes. However if the pothole is the result of road contruction then they can reimburse you. I never followed up on it cuz it seemed like a PITA.
Oddly enough, with my old car (91 sentra se), I was on I believe the sagtikos parkway. I hit a nasty pothole, but my tire went undamaged! I was going exceptionally fast too (not smart considering the fact that I see those State Trooper Camaros with the ls6 engine in it!)

For the records... I'm sort of a local, I'm from Massapequa, which is the south shore, a bit west of you guys!
I know a few people that attended Sachem high school!
ah! so i can claim the state.. if the road scwers up my car.. hmm thats new sto me..

where to u file the complaint?
man i hear yea!! In michigan you have to be on the look out for those things...They're dangerous!! Gotta love living in the state with the worst roads!! **All those that are coming to detroit for the auto show, beware of pot holes on I-96, before you get to Telegraph Road, and it gets worse after that, until you get on I-94**

But at least you got out easy with the cost. you're lucky for that! Sorry to hear about the bad luck tho!
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ordered my tire from tire rack tonight

should be here friday at the latest....not too bad.....

till then i'll be driving my brother's old 92 civic.....yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

actually drove it today, and the clutch was all sorts of ****ed up. On the way home from work, when i exited the highway, i had to stop at a stop sign. and guess what, with my luck, it wouldnt go back into gear. Finally got it in, and drove home in 2nd gear, wasnt going to be moving in and out of gears.

Checked the fluid level for the clutch.....talk about low, filled that bad boy up. Now i get to find the leak!!!!!

2004 has been a b**** with automobiles so far. Kinda wish someone would come and hit me in my car, and i can collect money on it..... hehehe (quite a wish huh???)

well, just waiting for my rubber, so the bull can hit the road again, and wait for the next thing to go pop!!!

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Originally posted by MySablesNameIsBruce@Jan 6 2004, 07:35 PM
**All those that are coming to detroit for the auto show, beware of pot holes on I-96, before you get to Telegraph Road, and it gets worse after that, until you get on I-94**
Those are pot holes? Wow I thought the road was just made with jumps on it for entertainment.
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hmmmm TCCA Long Island anyone? Im starting a post to see who here is from Long Island, maybe put together some kind of meet??
long island sucks!!!!
jersey baby, jersey!!!

lol j/k

i'll back in long island tomorrow and monday doing more work, hopefully i can avoid all the potholes on the s***ty a** roads there

got my tire mounted today, and when i wa sstarting, i noticed a dent on the inside of my rim too! damn pot hole almost took out my rim, but luckily, it held pressure.....will see in a few days if it stays that way

oh well.....guess ya gotta do with whats given to you....

i'll probably have the alignment checked soon too....i'm sure thats all shot....

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