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I'm going to be replacing the head gasket on my 1997 Taurus soon and have been watching some videos since it's been a few years since I did this on another vehicle and in one video the mechanic used a stud removal tool to get the studs out that pass through the alternator mounting bracket into the head and block. This was something new to me since I've always just used two nuts to get studs out, but it seems like I never have a pair of the correct nuts and it becomes a big hassle when I run into a stud. Plus sometimes the stud end available is short.

So I'm thinking about adding a stud remover to my set of tools. All the cheap, universal ones on Amazon appear to grip the threads in a way that would damage them. The more expensive sets with multiple sized tools seem to come in two types, ones with pins in them that also appear to grip the threads and others that that appear to be improvements on the two nut process. These seem to come in either SAE or metric sets. I'm trying to decide what type to get and more importantly to find out if the studs in the 1997 would be SAE or metric. I've found that all the nuts and bolts in the car seem to be metric, but I saw a post somewhere that suggested that metric nuts and bolts don't necessarily mean the stud will be metric.

Can anyone suggest a good stud remover to get without spending a fortune.

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