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Have you ever gone through the car wash and paid $6-$8 for "the works" then
realized during the next rain storm that the wax they applied to the
windshield is keeping the wipers from doing their job well? How about
scrubbed with paper towels and window cleaner for 20 minutes to remove dried
on bug guts?

Before you wash your car next time try washing the windshield with Bon-Ami
cleanser. This is the ONLY cleanser which will not scratch...DO NOT use
other cleansers!!! (I have no financial interest in Bon-Ami...I just like
the way it works).

Take a wet sponge, wet down the window well. Sprinke Bon-Ami on the window
and scrub. Add more water or cleanser if needed. The cleanser will foam a
little if you used enough. Rinse well. The Bon-Ami will easily remove the
wax buildup, road grime, and insects in 1/4 the time of window cleaners. It
leaves the windshield polished and water spot free. Your windshield wipers
will work better too. (To clean the build-up off the wiper blades, simply
put some rubbing alcohol on a rag and wipe the rubber blades 4-5 times)

NOW DO THE RAIN X! You will be blown away the next time it rains at how great everything is!!
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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