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Streaks/smudge On My Windshield...

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When my wiper wipes, the glass get the streaks/smudge... it stays for like a 1-2 seconds...
but cause the wiper is constantly wiping... streaks are always forming....

I thgt it was the blade & changed it. No use. Then one day i rubbed my finger on the glass.. the same kind of streaks form... similar to the one made by the wiper blade. the steak/smudge like evaporates in like 2 sec... if the wiper is no making any more wipes..

I cleaned the glass, put rainx etc... still i have this annoying issue esp when driving at night.. the streaks are a pain against opposing lights...

what should I do?
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If you clean first with BonAmi glass cleaning powder then use the Rain-X you will not get the streaking. Sounds like either you have Rain-X over wax or you did not get the Rain-X buffed off enough.

Usually the streaking is because you did not buff the rain-X enough. If it appears the Rain-X is not working well then it is probably on top of wax.

The BonAmi powdered glass cleaner will not scratch the glass.
Well it does say to completely remove the Rain-X . I didn't mean to use an electric buffer. If you can still see a haze on the windshield you need to do some more hand buffing to get it off. A good why to tell is to wipe the wipers once and you will see if it is still on there.

BTW Rain-X now makes a glass wax.

And I have used a clay bar, ammonia, paint remover (toluene), alcohol, acetone and none would take off the hot wax that is used at car washes. The toluene would cut the wax but evaporate before you could get it all off. If you don't think you have wax on your windshield use a bit of the toluene and see for yourself. I will no longer use this and specifically ask that it not be used. If there is no way I can get my car washed without hot wax then it doesn't get washed.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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