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I have a 99 Ford Taurus Wagon 1999 Ford Taurus SE 3.0L V6 2 OHV.. 2986cc 182ci Gas
Overdrive stops working after the Trans heats up..

I can drive 20 minutes or 30 minutes and it still works fine, but, stop (eat a quick bite) and let it sit and get back in it again (thinking it is heating up while sitting maybe), and it stops shifting into overdrive...
It is hard to tell if it is actually trying to shift into overdrive, or, not trying at all at that point.. But, I can recreate it anytime I want and take the time to drive it..

My usual trip with it..
I drive 20 minutes to another town. Stop for 20 to 30 minutes and get on the highway and start driving back..
Works great on the way there, but, on the way back, just won't shift into overdrive..
RPM's are way too high at the same speeds I was running before at a much lower rpm in overdrive..
I am in (D)=overdrive, vs "D"..

I had a tranny mechanic look at it and he said, $1300 and I can rebuild it..
I don't even know if he dropped the pan.. Didn't charge me for the filter and fluid that he said he was going to change..
He said, it would not help to change it, so he didn't do it.
He said the computer was not throwing any codes, and I think that was the reason he thought it needed a rebuild..
I know he rebuilds tranny's for a lot of the local shops, so, he knows what he is doing, but, not sure what else he was basing the opinion on, or, maybe he figured it wasn't worth it, etc..
The book value is not much higher than that, but, the car is still in great shape other than that..
Hate to just take that advice and go with it..

What else can I say, do, test.. Anyone have any ideas, Questions, suggestions, etc??
I finally put some Lucas Transmission stuff in there and it seemed to help, but, not noticeably..
I think it was shifting a bit more solid into overdrive before it stops trying to go into overdrive..
Seems it used to slide into overdrive, and with the lucas, seemed more of a good solid shift into overdrive, but, like I said.. It was very hard to notice and, when I "thought" I noticed it shifting more solid into overdrive, I could not remove the Lucas to see if I was right or not to verify that..

What else can I test before I have to figure it is $1300 for a tranny job or say goodbye to my old friend..

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How old is your battery? Have you have it load tested recently? If the PCM isn't receiving enough amperage, it can make the transmission and/or other components behave strangely.

Also, its my understanding that overdrive only engages once the transmission fluid has reached a certain temperature. If the transmission temperature sending unit is faulty and providing false or out-of-range readings to the PCM, it may prevent overdrive from engaging when the fluid is hot. It may detect this right away upon starting the car, falsely thinking that the fluid is cold or extremely hot when it really isn't. Try attaching an OBDII reader that allows you to view the live data of the temperature sensors and verify if its in range.
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