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Stock Stereo

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My stock stereo randomly turns on when Im driving. It doesn't do anything, and the numbers are all zeros. It doesn't happen when I go over bumps or anything as if its a short, just whenever it wants to. I can't turn it on with the power button at all, and when it is on, none of the buttons are responsive. I have no power to my stock cd changer, either. I'm wondering if there's a wire somewhere with a fuse attached to it thats dead. I've checked all the fuses already, the ones I could find anyway; under the hood and under the dash.

Any suggestions?
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Help me! I've been without a stereo for a week and I can't stand it! AHHHHHHHH! Any suggestions as to what may fix the problem are welcome.
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RCU kicked the bucket? faulty connection to the RCU? just some ideas.

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