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Still Motoring Along

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Just thought I'd check in and let you guys know I'm ok. I'm still in MS, still driving (loving?!) my 1993 Taurus and still broke as hell (lol). Heh heh, I'm ok though, I'm still hauling a few junk cars for extra cash and having some fun with my cousins.

I drove the Taurus to New Orleans to visit a friend on Saturday and all I can say is that if you dont want to drink "adult beverages", you'd better pick another vacation spot. I got TORE UP from the FLOOR - UP! We walked for miles and miles it seemed, all the way down Burbon street, the French quarter, etc. There was a Jazz festival going on, so of course there was a lot of people, a lot of food, a lot of live music, and A LOT of alchohol! All was good, I sobered up and even got stopped at a DUI check station and passed with flying colors. I even valay (sp?) parked the Taurus, something I've never done before. LOL there it was between a new S-Type and a Navigator on 24's in a parking garage! I went down and back on ONE tank of gas, got 350 miles on the tank. This car was MADE for the highway, its so quiet and smooth. Well, its very much like my V6 LX Tempo but it has the over-drive tranny so its quieter and more fuel efficiant. The A/C works great and the Kenwood keeps me company.
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Sounds like you have a nice vacation. Why are you still in MS, I thought you were in WV? From what I read that Taurus will never die.
Glad you had a great trip. The Taurus Gods seem to love you.
Heh heh no kidding.

I was planning to move to WA and will again (my other Taurus and my 92 Tempo are there) soon but I've gotton delayed. I'm rushed for time right now but I'll elaborate later.
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