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Still Getting Rid Of The Sable.

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Well, I was going to sell the sable and get a little 4 banger. went to look at it, and it wansn't worth the trouble. sadly, on my way home the tranny blew out completely (not even 3 months old) and I took it to the mechanic, he sees my for sale sign, and tells me he's got a newer taurus that he's selling, and I just might buy it. wish me luck, hope its a Gen 3.
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Thanks. the way my luck has been going with cars I need it.

2 days after I got my Tranny fixed the last time, the rack and pinion blew.

2-3 months later (still not having fixed the rack and pinion) the transmission looses all gears. (6k RPM to get accross the intersection and it still took me a good min to get out of there)

Car before that, engine blew (didn't dog it either, just normal driving)

car before that (my 200SX) totalled because someone didn't notice me while they came out of the parking lot on the right to go in the left turn lane on a 6 lane road (3 each way)

SOO. I hope this car isn't another PITA in disguise.
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Sounds like your trouble with the mechanics of the cars are as bad as me and the crashing.

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