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(Reposted from SHOforum)
I've been going by THIS to try and wire up my new stereo but I've hit a snag. It looks like every wire is used on that one but mine seems quite a bit different. First of all I have a harness that bypasses the amp, it just goes into the plugs the amp once used, so that's out of the way. But now I'm looking at the harness for the stereo itself compared to the plugs I have to solder to it and on the Ford plug there's alot left "unused". To go to the Ford plug I only have yellow (12v Power), orange/white (Dimmer), red (12v Switched Power), and black (Chassis Ground). I still have orange/black (Not used so I'm just going to tape it up), orange (Illumination), Blue (Power Antenna), and Blue/White (Amplifier Turn-On, which I assume I'm to tape off since the unit has it's own amplifier) left without a place to go. Not sure what to do with the left overs since they have no apparent place to go, just tape them up?

And another question I have is that the stereo harness says to ground the black wire to the chassis, should I ground it directly to the chassis or is that what the black wire on the Ford plug is for?

And yet anther question I have is on the stereo harness there's a blue and white wire that says it's to power on the amp, equalizer, or the power antenna. Should I just connect that to the solid blue wire on the Ford plug since it's the power antenna?

Thanks ALOT for any and all help.

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If you don't use them tape them off and if I remember correctly you only ground that wire if the defrost doesn't work...

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Thanks to the OP on the how-to thread and Crutchfield tech support (Surprisingly helpful) it all works now. Thanks though! :D Oh and just in case anyone else goes looking for it, here's the bit that was written up about the wires.

the4biddendonut said:
The write up only had one wire that wasn't used. I also hooked up the amp turn on, even though it serves no purpose.

I probably should have added this to the write up.

+Red..............12v ignition
+Yellow...........12v battery
+Blue.............Power antenna
+Blue/white.......Remote turn on
+White............Front left positive
-White/black......Front left negative
+Grey.............Front right positive
-Grey/black.......Front right negative
+Green............Rear left positive
-Green/black......Rear left negative
+Purple...........Rear right positive
-Purple/black.....Rear right negative

To answer your question. You should hook up the blue wire from the car harness to the blue/white wire from the stereo side. Whoever made your stereo used 1 wire for the amp/antenna/EQ, where another manufacturer might use 2 wires instead.

When I install stereos, I don't ground the chassis of the radio. You can ground it ifyou'd like, but I don't think it's necessary.

The other wires, just tape them off.
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