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Steering Wheel Jerk

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Alright, this isn't a huge problem, but I am curious. Whenever I'm at a stop and i hit the gas, the steering wheel jerks to the left (if i'm not holding it). It's not far, maybe about 2 inches on the wheel. I don't feel any pull, and the car tracks well at speed, no pulling. Also, when braking hard, the wheel tends to jerk slightly. Maybe a caliper is sticking a little? Any ideas?
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cali[per stick would be the FIRST thing to look at
I had to repair my brakes a while back, and you know how the taurus has the floating caliper? Well, on one side, the guide pins were so sticky, i had to remove them with a pair of pliers. Go head check out those halfshaft boots while you are down there...
Torque steer is inherent to front wheel drive vehicles. However, the pull to the right during braking is something to have checked out.
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