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I have a 1993 Taurus GL 3.0 v6 engine. The ignition actuator broke. I need help on how to remove the steering column. Does any body have step by step instruction. Searching the forums, i could not find a thread showing how to remove. Thank you.

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Step 1: Get the factory shop manual. Take a look and figure the job out.

Basic steps in a nutshell: Disconnect battery negative cable. Remove the steering wheel. Remove the knee panel under the dash. Take out column connector bolt near the flooor. Disconnect shifter cable if column shift. Remove the plastic column shrouds. Disconnect wiring harnesses at the multi-function switch. Remove four bolts holding the column to the dash.

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Removal & Installation

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Lower the glove compartment past its stops and disconnect the air bag backup power supply.
  2. Make sure the vehicle's front wheels are in the straight-ahead position. Remove the steering wheel.
  3. Remove the left and right lower mouldings from the instrument panel by pulling up and snapping out of the retainers.
  4. Remove the instrument panel lower trim cover and the lower steering column shroud.
  5. Disconnect the air bag clockspring contact assembly wire harness. Apply two strips of tape across the contact assembly stator and rotor to prevent accidental rotation. Remove the three contact assembly retaining screws, then pull the contact assembly off the steering column shaft.
  6. Remove the tilt lever by unscrewing it from the column, then remove the four screws.
  7. Rotate the ignition lock cylinder to the RUN position. Using a 1/8 in. (3mm) drift, depress the lock cylinder retaining pin through the access hole, then remove the lock cylinder.
  8. Remove the four retaining screws from the lower steering column shroud, then remove the lower and upper steering column shrouds.

9. Remove the two instrument panel reinforcement brace retaining bolts, then remove the reinforcement.

10. If equipped with column shift, disconnect the shift position indicator cable from the actuator housing by removing the screw, then disconnect the cable loop from the shift tube hook. If equipped with console shift, remove the interlock cable retaining screws, then remove the cable.

11. Remove the two multi-function/combination switch retaining screws, then set the switch aside.

12. Disengage the wiring connector from the ignition switch.
13. Remove the four nuts securing the column skid plate, then remove the plate.
14. Remove the pinch bolt from the steering column lower yoke.
15. While supporting the steering column, remove the four steering column tube retaining nuts. Lower the steering column, then disconnect hoses at the parking brake release switch or remove the vacuum release assembly.
16. Disconnect the shift cable and bracket from the transmission column shift selector tube lever pivot.
17. For vehicles equipped with console shift, remove the two shift lock actuator cable retaining screws, then remove the actuator.
18. Remove the column from the vehicle.

To install:

  1. Place the steering column in the vehicle, then align the column lower yoke to the lower steering column shaft. Install the bolt, then tighten to 31-41 ft. lbs. (41- 56 Nm).
  2. Connect the parking brake release vacuum hoses.
  3. For console shift, position the shift lock actuator, then install the two retaining screws.
  4. Position the steering column assembly to the column support bracket. Install the four retaining nuts, then tighten to 9-13 ft. lbs. (13-17 Nm).
  5. Position the shift cable bracket, with the shift cable attached, to the lower two screws of the column. Tighten to 5-8 ft. lbs. (7-11 Nm). Snap the shift cable onto the shift selector pivot ball.
  6. Position the multi-function/combination switch, then install the two retaining screws. Tighten to 18-26 inch lbs. (2-3 Nm). Engage all electrical connectors.
  7. Fasten the transmission shift cable and bracket loop on the shift selector hook, then install the transmission range selector cable bracket to the steering actuator housing. Install the retaining screw and tighten to 5-8 ft. lbs. (7-11 Nm).
  8. Connect the steering column-to-parking brake control shake brace.
  9. Install the instrument panel reinforcement brace, then secure with the two retaining bolts.
  10. Attach the upper and lower steering column shrouds.
  11. Install the ignition switch lock cylinder.
  12. Connect the tilt steering column lock lever onto the steering column flange tube.
  13. Attach the air bag sliding contact with the three retaining screws, then tighten the screws to 18-26 inch lbs. (2-3 Nm).
If a new contact assembly is being installed, remove the plastic lock mechanism after the contact assembly is secured to the column.
14. Install the steering wheel onto the steering gear input worm gear and rack, using a new bolt. Tighten the new bolt to 22-33 ft. lbs. (31-48 Nm).
15. Position the drivers side air bag module to the steering wheel. Install the two retaining screws, then tighten to 36-47 inch lbs. (4-5 Nm).
16. Connect the air bag backup power supply and the negative battery cable. Verify the air bag warning indicator.
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