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Starter Misery

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Starter on my 93 Taurus 3.0 won't turn
I addressed this problem a couple of days ago but I've discovered some new things since then.
When I turn the ignition there is a click from a small black box by the battery.
I do have 12 volts at the wire going into the selenoid.
When I turn the ignition i get about 5.5 volts at a wire coming out of the selenoid and going into the starter but the darned thing won't crank. Any ideas?

Also, someone musta really cranked on the bottom retaining bolt on the starter because the head is missing. How tough is it to remove the rest of the bolt and what is the best procedure to get it out of the hole?
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There was a "service advisory" on a "no-start" condition for some Gen2's. A wire corroded somewhere in the starter system, and there was a TSB written as to how to replace the wire. You might check with your friendly Ford "stealer"...
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