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heres my problem, lately whenever i start my car i have to floor it in order to prevent it from stalling out. but after about maybe 30 seconds or so of running it doesnt return until i start my car again. I've replaced the air filter, fuel filter, i replaced the spark plugs and wires less than 3,000 miles ago, and i've used 3 bottles of fuel injector cleaner. Any suggestions?
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I had a very similiar problem when my EGR lines were cracked. I was told that revving up the engine right after you start bypasses the EGR so the computer didn't catch the vacuum leak. I'm pretty sure that's what I was told but I may be wrong. The problem went away when I put new lines on it. I'd check for some leaks. Good luck with yours.
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How much was it for new lines?
My neighbor ripped some out of a junk car he had so they didn't cost me anything.
I'm not sure what new ones would cost. I can't see it being much. Maybe someone else will chime in.
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