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Springs Are A Bust

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did an oil change on my car....

jacked it up....my springs just basically fell out.....cracked, broken, dust....and i still drive on it.

not worth fixin since it would probably cost over 1000 for all 4 with new struts

its funny cause when i got my ignition system replaced i asked them to check for bad springs/struts..they said that there was nothing wrong with them.

Most Dangerous Car On The Road. My car sits so low that when i hit a bump it scratches the front bumper. 8 inches of clearance off the ground.

This bull still rides.
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sho springs are only a little over $200.00 bucks a set from fordpartsnetwork.com

You can get napa/moog cargo coils for under $130 for both front and rear at your local napa/autozone.
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