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Hmm. This spring....
Trans Flush on the SHO
Replace trans in the S-10 (Stock 700 couldn't handle the 388)
Rebuild brothers 390FE
Rebuild 4.6L and find Cobra heads and Intake.
Find decent mule platform for the 4.6l bull test swap
The list just keeps growing....

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All for the 03

Driving lights

PCM flash or a tuner to address some shifting and idle stuff I do not like

Pull injectors for a bench leak test

Getting closer to the time to pull off the winter tires

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I've really kind of started already/not stopped.

-Getting two new tires (Cooper) today to finally replace the two that were chewed up by the failing original struts. If I have to put up with the horrendously loud and vibrate-y tires any longer I'll lose it.

-The bull got the radio thoroughly cleaned last week (as in, taken apart and cleaned with soap and water) and reinstalled. The rest of the interior will be cleaned soon too.

-Today or tomorrow I'll probably replace the blown driver's door speaker too.

My list.....

Rear strut rod bushings (tomorrow hopefully)
Motor mounts
Clean up/repair the rust around the dog legs
Oil Change
Find reason for oil leak around oil filter
Give it a GOOD cleaning inside and out
Get correct Sable floor mats
Paint the calipers?
Dip the rims

I'm sure there will be more things to do.
Good luck with that. I've tried twice now, it just reappears shortly after. Looks like there's two pieces of metal, with the moisture causing the rust between them. I'm guessing the only way to deal with it is to cut the leg out and weld some new metal in.
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