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Hey Gang:
For those of you want to save thousands on spot painting or bumper touch ups I recommend DeVILBISS SRi Pro spray gun & Makita MAC5200 compressor. Both items be found at amazon.com.

SRi Pro is a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray gun. When used with the Makita MAC5200 compressor its a perfect match. The Makita compressor is a 3hp compressor with a 5.2 gallon tank operating on 120v. The Makita compressor is configured with its own folding handle and wheels, weight about 100lbs. It would not surprise me if this compressor with folding handle fits inside the trunk of any 4th gen Taurus / Sable. Good for blowing out your sprinklers as well.

For my spot repair I used PPG paint and Klear Cote. After spot painting and the usual clear coating, I did a clear coat bra on the front of my car to protect it from road chips (just like factory hoods) - way cool.

Clear coat requires it to dry overnight.


i got my sri a wile ago for air brush help stuff i can not do with the air brush. i got it with the 1.0 tip so i could spray some flake and clears coats. but do go with the short metal gravity feed cup good for getting in to tight places. like inside the door jams to the core support up front when you want it painted black on a muscle car. also thanks for the recommendation of this product it is as good as you and i have said.
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