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Spoiler Install Tips

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I found some pics of my spoiler install. I figured I would post this incase anyone decides to install a spoiler and can use this as a supplement to the included installation instructions.

I had purchased this: http://spoilers4less.com/con19lig2.html spoiler from www.spoilers4less.com.  If you notice it is the exact same part number as the replica 98/99 spoiler (http://spoilers4less.com/taur19facrep1.html) except for the L meaning it is lighted.  The dimensions are also the same.  Here is how it looked right out of the box:

I was able to find a body shop to paint it for $100.

Unfortunatly, mind did not come with a template.  I had these strips with holes and adhesives in the middle.  I lined the spoiler up and used masking tape to hold down the adhesives (they are weak and will move if you are not careful).

since I had only 4 strips to work with and 3-4 holes to drill on each side, I used the hole pattern on the foam pad to find the missing holes that I wasn't able to get because of the adhesive strips.  One thing to note is that the holes on the foam pad may not match perfectly up with the holes on the spoiler.  Make sure you know about this and make the appropriate holes on the foam pad. 

Drilling the holes was the worst part of all.  First and foremost, put a plastic sheet in the trunk.  You will be amazed at where metal shavings will end up if you do not properly cover the trunk and any other openings in the area.  Since the end of the trunk of the gen3 has two panels which are at least an inch away from each other, I had to drill holes from each side of the trunk.  The bottom end had a far larger hole since I have to screw the spoiler down through it.  I would highly recommend buying a proper drill bit for this step.  If you do not have a good drill bit to drill 1" holes on the bottom panel, you will have very slopy holes, and the drilling will take forever.  This gets even more difficult when some of the holes that need to be drilled are on curved surfaces.  After you are done drilling, apply some anti rust solution (mine came with the spoiler).

This is optional, but I feel it will seal against water better than if you were to do it the other way. Take the paper off the foam pads and lay the foam on the top of the trunk and let it stick.  Make sure to line it up with the holes and that you have it facing in the correct direction for the spoiler to sit on top.  I find this way better than sticking the foam to the spoiler because the spoiler most likely has paint on that area and the adhesive will have trouble sticking.  Sticking the foam directly to the trunk also gives a better seal to those holes you drilled since the foam is sticking to the surface rather than being pressed on it.

At this point, I drilled the hole on the spoiler to feed light bar wire through.  Be careful how you drill this because I ended up scratching the back ends of the spoiler because it ended up moving off of my bubble wrap and scraped against my driveway.  Feed the light bar wire through, then attach the light bar.  Mine required me to use the provided 3m tape and two screws at each end.  You may want to double check that it works before attaching it because will be hard to remove afterwards.  To fish the other end of the brake light wire out of the spoiler, I took a paper clip, straightened it, then took a plier and bent 2mm 90 degrees, so I had a hook.  My spoiler came with a gromet to feed the wire through the trunk, so I put that on, then fed the wire through the trunk, then screwed in the spoiler with the allen wrench.  This may be difficult, especially since you do not want to use any screws in the trunk.  I used a hot glue gun to glue my screws to my wrench so they do not fall in the trunk.  If they do fall in the trunk, I found a near exact replacement at home depot.  I routed the light bar wire through the plastic wire guide which had the other trunk wires in it.  I then used the wire taps included with the spoiler to tap off of the rear high mount brake light.

After the spoiler is in, I decided to sand off the holes in the trunk with a grindstone drill bit.  I added some touch up paint so the job looks like it was done somewhat professionally.

Here are some finished pictures.  Please note I have a rear sho light bar on my car, so yours will most likely look different.

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