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Speedometer Change G3

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I have a 1997 GL with the 110MPH Speedometer. I would like to add the 1999 SHO Cluster which lights up different and has the grey surround. Will this work? Or If not a 1999 SE 120MPH cluster to it? OR do I have to stick to the orange? If possible? If I cant put the 1999 clusters in, can i put in the older ones, 1997? If I get a SHO one, can i put my shift indicator (PRNDL) into the SHO or is this not possible to do?

Thanks for the help!!!

It is greatly appreciated!!!
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Any model speedo from 96-99 will fit. We like to use the temp "plug and play", because that's all you have to do. As for the color, you'll probably have to change the bulbs, but I'm not sure on that one. I know mine are green, not orange. I don't know how yours are orange unless someone else changed the bulbs. I'm not sure on the shift indicator, but I hope this helped.

shift indicator can be moved to thenew one, any of the clusters will work. I happpen to have a 120MPH 99' cluster for sale. PM me if intrested.

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