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It's on the transmission where the speedometer connects. Follow the speedometer cable all the way down to the end. There's a wire connecting to the sensor as well. I think it's just one bolt (don't remember) to get it out after unscrewing the speedometer cable.

Easiest way to reach it is to.... this will sound goofy...

get a piece of thick cardboard (or two pieces) and lay it on the engine. From the front - driver side, climb up on and lay down accross the engine so you can reach down between the engine and the passenger side firewall area.

For what it's worth... :lol2: it really is a 3-4 hour job for me... :lol2: 20 min for the task and 2:30 ~ 3:30 waiting for the engine to cool-down enough to climb on. :lol2:

That'll be $341.00... :banana: :banana:
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