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Spark Plugs

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Sorry if this is a repost, I can't find anything about it when I searched. I have the water injection that I'll be installing here within a half an hour. It suggests copper spark plugs over double platinum. I guess for the temperature to convert the water into steam?

Anyways Autozone only has platinum plugs and wouldn't sell me anything else because that's what ford recommened. I went to the dealership and they were trying to get me to buy some single platinum (wire plugs?) that were 4.80 a piece.

To get copper ones with a 1.3-1.4mm gap am I going to have to order them or buy some and regap them? How much is a spark plug gapper cost? ANY advice would be appreciated.

It will be installed today either way, but for the fuel economy the coppers are suggested. Thanks.
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Maybe, but the only advantage of platinum is that it lasts longer. If I had known how easy it would be to change my plugs, I would have bought copper and change them more often.
Originally posted by RocketFast321@Aug 7 2005, 10:47 PM
Platinum does not last too longer. Copper only last about 30k and platinum last about 50k. Not 100k like Gm, Ford,a nd other say
Correct, they don't last as long as they would like you to think. That's just a marketing tool for idiots who think cars shouldn't require maintenance. I think it should be illegal to make such claims. It reminds me of the automatic transmissions that required no servicing. Many people are now tainted with the belief that transmissions are sealed boxes, not to be messed with.

Nevertheless, even you admitted that platinum does last longer. On cars with the waste-spark ignition system (1996+ Tauruses except those with COP), both of the electrodes must be platinum-plated to benefit from this, since the polarity varies between cylinders. If I remember correctly, the difference between the single- and double-platinum plugs is that the single-platinum ones are plated on one electrode only.

Copper on the other hand has the advantages of being much cheaper, and a better conductor of electricity. I was afraid of using them since I thought it would be difficult to change the back ones on the Duratec, but it was easy. I didn't even have to take the intake manifold off, so the gaskets I bought are still in the box.
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