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Spark Plugs

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Sorry if this is a repost, I can't find anything about it when I searched. I have the water injection that I'll be installing here within a half an hour. It suggests copper spark plugs over double platinum. I guess for the temperature to convert the water into steam?

Anyways Autozone only has platinum plugs and wouldn't sell me anything else because that's what ford recommened. I went to the dealership and they were trying to get me to buy some single platinum (wire plugs?) that were 4.80 a piece.

To get copper ones with a 1.3-1.4mm gap am I going to have to order them or buy some and regap them? How much is a spark plug gapper cost? ANY advice would be appreciated.

It will be installed today either way, but for the fuel economy the coppers are suggested. Thanks.
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Did anyone even notice the date of the original post? Over a year old, I would think he got what worked by now, lol :lol2:
Originally posted by RocketFast321@Aug 7 2005, 11:47 PM
Platinum does not last too longer. Copper only last about 30k and platinum last about 50k. Not 100k like Gm, Ford,a nd other say
I have personaly seen Motorcraft Copper plugs last well beyond 100k miles, they shouldn't but more than a few dozen times I've done tune ups on customers cars with the original plugs and 6 digits on the odometer, and still running decent.
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