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Hi to all, it's me again; I'm running into a little confusion with a subject:
My taurus would take a little more crank than usual to start up, was running a little rough and It had some gasoline kinda smell.
Last week with the engine cool I pulled the spark plugs out in order to clean em up and check the gap. They were on .046 and re gapped em to .054. I did Used spark grease (not too much) on boot and sparkplug top and the recommended torque to put em back in. Ran fine, no rough idle, smell went away (a bit), and the next day it started to make a loud ticking noise while on the highway (coming from the upper part of the engine) felt like a cyl wasn't operating, kinda, don't know how to describe it with other terms. I haven't fixed it yet but the noise would come and go randomly regardless of temperature or rpms.
I rlly can't think of a valve or piston issue because the sound it's not present at all times, it could be on the firewall side and if I shut it off and on again, sound would be on the front side.
Manual reads on the first page that spark plugs gap go from .042 to .046, and in the next page it says it's on .054.
What would you recommend? Do I put em back to .046 or somewhere between that and .054, like 0.50/.048? Is it safe to do so?
Engine is an Essex 3.8L V6, 1989 wagon
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