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Planning to do another Southeast Spring Meet - March 19-20, 2016.

It seems like Sunday is a better day for people to meet due to work schedules.

Anyone is welcome to come hang out on Saturday - we'll probably go check out downtown, wrench on the cars, BS, go eat BBQ, etc.

Saturday 3/19
General plan is for those arriving Saturday, we can hang out at the house, tinker with cars and what not, general BS. Maybe go downtown for a pic next to the worlds largest fire hydrant. and hang out there.

meet at local BBQ place for dinner Saturday night.? We'll see

Sunday 3/20
Sunday 9-930AM, meet at the junkyard. Pull A Part. 5702 Monticello Rd Columbia, SC

Then cruise back to my house. Line the vehicles up. Get some pizza, ice cream, and other assorted food/drink and hang out. Tinker with cars, BS for the remainder of the afternoon.

Go to Lizard Thicket for dinner Sunday night (a local only chain restaurant with at least a dozen locations around Columbia). Anyone whom has attended the meet before has enjoyed.

If you wish to stay at my place - PM me and maybe we can arrange something - we'll see. Depends on space.

Otherwise, there are hotels all near me that are in very safe locations, very near to me, and very near the interstate.

If you have any food or drink or anything you want to help out, chip in on or contribute - it would be really appreciated :)

Farmers Almanac is showing good weather for this time frame so let's go with it!

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Maybe the people buying the new Taurii are older and more well-to-do, and don't even think to search for a SHO users group.

I've had my SHO for 16 years, but only been on this site for a few months. First it was the v8sho e-mail list way back in the day, then shoforum, now that so few people post on shoforum, I have better luck most of the time here.

Hey Chris and Nick, I'm still on the hunt for a RCC unit for 98 or 99 EATC if either of you happen upon one. Lehmann sold me 2 units for a '96 but they're incompatible. The AC is the one thing I wish I had back working in the car, radio be damned. I just saw a new post about repairing the blend door actuator. I've had a replacement unit for at least a year but haven't put it in. Might as well pop it in with the hopes that the shop that diag'd the bad RCC got it wrong somehow.

(sorry for straying from OP)
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