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Sorry Ain't Been Around Past Couple Days

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Hey all sorry I've not been around a few days. I have a new g/f, beautiful, and wonderful woman, wow, never been with anyone like her before, but lemme tell ya, I'm a gonna be spoiled with respect, honesty, and affection.
The bull is up and running, she still has some quirks, and quite a bit of clutch slippage, oh well. As long as I keep my foot WAY out of her, and don't go up hills she's fine.
At least she's on the road. My g/f named her Suzie, but calls her Thunder as well, b/c her project name is Blue Thunder, and because of the sound system. The girlfriend loves the car immensly, and the 4 door? Man I'm about to swear by 4 doors for anything but a racecar, as lemme tell ya, with her two kids, and then also all the people we hauled last night to the bar and all over kingdom come? OH HELL YEAH 4 DOORS RULE!!!!

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Wow, that's great!
Yeah, was the greatest 3 day long relationship I ever had. Didn't know 3 days was a long term until now.
Well not I'm basically flat broke (girlfriend), not sure if I'm going to be able to keep the car b/c of it, and oh yeah, no girlfriend. Stupid stupid me. Well her best friend who happens to be a good friend of mine told her off for it and what to do with herself, little comfort. I swear I'm through with women 100%. Not worth the trouble. I'll become a hermit who lives in his tricked out taurus. That might have certain advantages. Heh, past 3 days just local no trips, thanks to the "girlfriend" I've gotten well over 500 miles on it, and pretty well fragged alot of the clutch. For what it's worth, she was better thena ll my previous.

Still have those damn clutch problems.

Anyway, catch y'all later, looks like I'll be on alot more afterall.

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