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I was on the highway last night on my way to go see a movie when traffic suddenly went from 80 mph to 0mph due to a traffic accident. So I come to a complete stop and go to creep up a few feet as traffic was merging and getting out of the way... I hit the gas and what do we have here.... NO MOVEMENT!!!
So I shifted the trans thru all gear ranges to get something to move and nothing. I tried once more and luckily it worked. So I drive away, building speed slowly... I come up to 60 and notice the rpms are at 3k. Hmm... Something's not right, I had the trans in OD so I'm like SON OF A ********!!! So I get to my friend's house and am all worried that i'm not going to be able to make it home (assuming the trans was burned up or something). So I ended up coming back to my house at 55mph the whole way.... got passed up like a mofo. Then I saw a porsche 911 turbo with a wing zip past, then another two cars, a mitsu eclipse and a land rover. A little further down the road my SES light comes on which kinda was a relief in that I know I will have something to work with. So today I go to the shop that rebuilt my transmission and hook up the scanner and I got 3 codes.

P0761 - Shift solenoid "C" performance / stuck

P0741 - Torque convertor clutch system stuck off

P0734 - Gear 4 incorrect ratio

I'm taking it in monday so the trans guy can look at it. (he wasn't in today) So yeah, it sucks to have the trans mess up like that! All the other gears work fine though, so its not soooo bad. Good thing is I most likely wont have to pay for anything, maybe parts. I'll find that out monday.
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