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Something Loose Around The Drive Belt

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I just dropped off my car at a local dealer so they could look at it first thing in the morning.

I was under the hood doing a little cleaning and noticed the drive belt didn't look right to me. Near the top of the engine there is a pulley type thing that seems to be coming apart. I can see two rubber seals and a plastic ring which is just flopping around. Under this round thing that is coming apart is another round part which the belt actually wraps around. I noticed the belt was half-way off this round part.

Do you know what this par is? Is this the tensioner?
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Not sure about the gen4's, but on my gen 3 tec the tensioner is kind of in the middle. The crank pulley is on bottom, P/S is above the tensioner, the alt is to the left, and the A/C and water pump are to the right.

What part of FL are you from?
I think I might have discovered that the part is the SERPENTINE TENSIONER. Can this part simply be tightened back together? I'm near Orlando by the way.

Well, if there's a bolt in the middle and it's spring-loaded, then that's the tensioner. On the gen3's it takes a 15mm wrench or socket. If you can get a wrench on the nut and push the pulley so that the belt gets loose, then that's definitely the tensioner. I don't think you can manually tighten them (they're spring-loaded), but you can replace them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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