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Hello, I'm new here got recommended this site by some guys over at www.genmay.com anyways let me tell my tale.

I have a 1993 Taurus, 3L V6.

A few weeks ago I noticed that when I would first start up my car and drive it, it wouldnt accelerate. I would give I could floor it and it would just putter along for a bit then it would either just start working like normal, or it would popping noise a couple of times then it would start working like normal again.

One of my uncles told me that I probably needed to change the spark plugs, wires, and distributor.

I waited till I got paid and literally the day I was going to take care of it my car just wouldnt start.

Starter was fine, battery was fine, when I tried started it, it sounded just like it would if I were normally starting it only the engine didnt start.

Didnt know what to do so I went to Autozone bought the stuff to change the spark plugs and wires seeing if that would help. This was the first time I've changed the plugs on my car. I was able to change the front 3 plugs and wires, but I just couldnt reach the back 3 plugs. I decided to give it a try like that and see if that did anything. I tried turning it on again and still no go, same as before.

My family decided we should just call a tow truck and take it to a garage so they can work on it. So we did. The next day they said it was a short and that they fixed it. I went picked it up. Drove it around all that day and it worked fine.

The next day about noon I get in my car to go to work, I turn it on with no problem, as I'm backing up the engine turns off, I try to turn it back on but it doesnt work and seems to have the same problem it had before.

I was pissed off because they told me it was fixed and now here it seems to still have the same problem, I call up the place I took it too and in a few hours a tow truck arrives. When the tow truck guy comes he tries out the car and it turns on, we tow it anyways since he is already there. We get to the place and I try the car and it turns on fine. I leave it there so they can check it out anyways.

The next day they call me and tell me they cant find whats wrong with it and the car is running so there isnt anything they can do. I take the car home it doesnt have any problems and the next few days nothing is wrong.

About four days later I'm getting ready to go to work, same time and about a week later from when I had the other problem. The car dies again as I'm backing up, however this time it turns back on when I turn the key. As I'm driving down the street this happens multiple times. I decide to turn on a street and go back home through the side streets. Every so often my car dies and I turn it back on. Most of the time I cant turn my car back on from neutral I have to stop shift into park and then back into drive.

I get back to my place and I think of something, I remember that when I was changing the spark plug wires in my car that some of the wires wouldnt clip on and stay down right, they would slide up some. I check under my hood and yep one of the wires is popped up partially. I press it back down and drive to work with no more car problems for that day.

The next day my girlfriend wants me to meet her at Barnes and Nobles, I get in my car and am going to go when my engine dies again as I'm sitting there. I still turns on when I turn it back on but I didnt really feel like dealing with that **** so I turned it off. I popped my hood and all my spark plug wires are fine, no popped up ones. I call my girlfriend and she comes and picks me up.

Yesterday my grandmother asked me to go pick up some food from Whataburger so I figure well let me see how my car is doing today. So I go get the food and come back, no problems at all.

Today I go out and do some things and the car works fine also.

So after reading my long winded tale does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be. Somedays my car is running fine other days I have plenty of problems?

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Welcome to the club...you're not a facist, are you?

Anyway...since seems to be sputtering sometimes, it sounds like you might have a fuel problem, specifically your fuel pump or your fuel pressure regulator. You might also have an intermittently clogged fuel line. Did the shop check your fuel filter? It could be full of crap. The problem doesn't sound like it's an electric problem. Maybe there was one of those too, but now it's sounding like you're just not getting any fuel into the combustion chamber. Hopefully teh Bob will chime in on this and give his two cents. He's probably the best person to talk to about this (Bob Gervais).

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