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I need to know the sizes of these following things

bore size
intake valve size
exhaust valve size
carburator CFM
camshaft lobe size
intake manifold type
Compression Ratio
Combustion Space

This is alot of stuff, and I have NO idea what most of these things are..

Any help is appreciated

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For your car? For one, it doesn't have a carburetor. Is it a Vulcan? or a Duratec?

Bore size: 3.504 in
Camshaft Lobe Size: Intake - 0.251in Exhaust - 0.264in
Intake manifold type: two piece (?)

That's all I could find.

Bore: 89mm (3.5 in.)
Stroke: 80mm (3.14 in.)
Intake valve: 40mm (1.57 in.)
Exhaust valve: 33mm (1.30 in.)
Camshaft lobe lift-intake :6.604mm (.260 in.)
Camshaft lobe lift-exhaust:6.604mm (.260 in.)
Cylinder head combustion chamber volume: 47.1-50.1 cc

And just in case you need it, the rocker arm ratio is 1.61:1.

Compression ratio, I think, is about 9.6:1.

Intake manifold type is a two piece upper and lower assembly, individual runners, with multi-point fuel injection. (each cylinder has it's own injector.)

Whatcha building?

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I downloaded a program called DeskTop Dyno, and it needs all that info..

its a pretty cool program.. Get on Kazaa and search for it, then DL the 12 MB one
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