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Just checking interest on some of this crap, gotta clean out my basement so we can finish it. :thumb:

-4 Taurus Deluxe hubcaps with screws (5 screws hold each hubcap onto the steel wheel, check to see if your wheel has the screw holes, and a few screws are missing but they'll all hang on), they're also painted chrome but definitely could use a recoat. looking for $20+shipping?

-Driver side mocha frost power mirror minus glass $10+ shipping

-Used headlight assemblies, good condition WITH NEW BULBS lol. Would like $30+ shipping

- If anybody needs a gauge cluster from a 6th generation Honda Accord, I have one! It's in excellent shape, just sitting around for more than a year. 101k miles when removed. Would like to get $30+ shipping if anybody needs it.

Thanks guys!
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