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Sold My Car For A Head Unit

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I finally sold my old 93 Buick Century for some cash and this head unit: http://www.aarp.org/computers-hardware/Art...kenwoodkdc.html plus he said he'd install it for me. The unit is 2 months old and was only used a couple times.

I'm going to go to Circuit City and get the Metra faceplate http://www.circuitcity.com/detail.jsp?c=1&...9&oid=47482&m=1

Is there anything else to get before the guy installs it? I know zilch about car audio... the description on CC's website about the Metra faceplate seems like it has everything (wire harness, antenna extension). He said that he doesn't want to cut any wires, so will this be enough for him?

I currently have the stock 4 speaker single CD system in my 01 SES... I'm hoping I'll notice an improvement with the new headunit. I was also thinking down the line of getting new speakers, too.

Thank you so much for your help!!

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All you are going to need is the metra kit. You won't have to cut any wires. It's really easy. I HATE cutting wires and avoid doing it at any cost, but I was able to install that without any problems at all. The only downside is you have to run the wires that come with it from the rear of the car all the way to the front head unit.

As for improvement..... I had no intention on replacing my stock headunit, but I got a metra kit on eBay for $10 and had an alpine head unit laying around, so I figured WTF, why not? I just wish I did it when I first got the car. You will notice a tremedous jump in sound quality.
Nope that is all your gonna want to get for the car as far as the deck goes. The kit should have everything you need to hook it up right. I wold however suggest some bass blocker (if you don't know they are filters that run between your deck and speakers. They filter out certain bass frequencies thus extending the life of your stock speakers, should be like 20 to 40 bucks for 4) but you don't have to have them on. You will notice a huge sound difference though. Enjoy!
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