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Spock is dead jim.
So my neighbor quipped when he saw the valve carnage in my 3.0 vulcan.
See pic.
190k miles and its finished
My question.. how much mods can the computer handle to head flow improvement. Port n polish on these 3.0 heads?
Can it handle a slightly bigger cam?
Just a bit more lift?
Compression? Maybe a half point up?


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Vulcans tend to be detonation prone, so increasing the compression might not be the best idea.

I doubt porting / polishing the heads would make a noticeable performance difference.

The Vulcan is what it is..... a reliable workhorse, not a good choice for a performance engine build.

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I loved my Vulcan powered Taurus. Great car for work etc. But it is not a performance vehicle. You're wasting time and money trying to get any extra out of it. A good used head can be had for $50. Try for 250,000 miles.

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I LURKED and read through some posts in this forum on the subject of possible performance MODS on this engine.

The only really practical one seemed to be to upgrade the Rockers in the valve train.

? Just put a good set of Roller Rockers into it ?

The suggestion was to increase the Rocker Ratio at the same time, just a little, to get some extra valve lift.

Stock Rocker is 1.6 ratio I believe.

The suggestion was to try a 1.8 ratio Roller Rocker, to get a little more valve lift, and much better performing Rocker.

It would be an EASY Mod, if the Rockers fit right into the engine. A BOLT ON mod (in theory).

My experience with my old Taurus, is that anything you could do to improve the "TOP END" valvetrain (pushrods and Rockers)
would be "GOOD" - as that seems to be the WEAK point in the engine.

The pushrod spherical tips, where they run in the rocker - tend to wear out FIRST - becoming slightly pointed, and then increasing the valve
lash beyond what the hydraulic roller rockers can accomodate for. And then the rockers start to CLACK CLACK CLACK, from excessive clearance.
... and the engine loses performance due to reduced valve lift, and the engine sounds like CRAP too .

? Maybe just see if you can find a good, same ratio, 1.6 Roller Rocker that will "Bolt In" no muss / no fuss, and try that ?

The stock pushrods and rockers do the job ... but may be the weak point of the engine, the part that wears out first, I think.

The Roller Rockers, I think, will make this already "Quiet / smooth" engine ... work even more "nicely".
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