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Slow Shifter

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Well, at 150,000 miles, my original transmission decided to let go. So I had a Ford Certified rebuilt transmission put in. I know that our cars have slower shifting transmissions, but it seems like all of a sudden my transmission takes awhile to shift from 2nd to 3rd. It's not like it's slipping, but it just carries out 2nd gear quite far. Is this a problem I should be worried about? I haven't heard any weird noises and the fluid looks good. It just concerns me that now my transmission isn't too anxious to shift into 3rd gear when it shifted much quicker before.
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Maybe you need to "reprogram" the computer. They will clear what it's previously learned when they replace teh tranny.
But the rebuilt has been in for over 6 months. This really slow shift from 2nd to 3rd has just developed this past week or so.
I dunno, drive around and hope it goes away?
I have the same problem with my rebuilt. Xcept mine went out at 99,000
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