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I'm looking to replace the entire subframe/engine/trans assembly in my '97 Sable. It is a standard 12 valve (VIN U, I think), NOT the cammer. Even though the engine is absolutely spotless inside, it has other issues (long story) that make the cradle assy. swap tempting. I've located a complete, similar, low mileage 12V assembly from a 2000 Taurus, and it seems nobody can tell me if it will bolt in. I understand the manifolds and accessories can be/are different, but that's no problem unless they simply will not bolt up (as well as sensors). I've tried a local junkyard (doesn't know how to use his Hollander book I guess) and local Mercury dealer (got the deer in the headlights look). I did manage to find out that the bare subframe part # changed in '99, even though the body changed in '00.

Can anybody help, or direct me to someone who can?

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