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I just bought a Taurus (3.0 Vulcan) and am trying to get everything squared away.

So far I've replaced the water pump and coolant reservoir (had a pin hole leak and was leaking coolant).

I'm noticing I'm still loosing a little bit of coolant. After a few hours of driving I notice I'm loosing a quarter inch or so of coolant level in the reservoir. I don't see any visible leaks.

The plugs are new (Autolite Double Platinum), the wires are new (Belden).

It's got a miss when I first start it in the morning that smooths out very well after a minute ore two of running. Idling with the A/C on and in gear makes it worse.

I checked the Vacuum and measured 22 or so inches at the intake manifold at idle.

thanks in advance,
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