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On my 99' Ford, Vulcan (57k miles on engine), my engine is shaking slightly when I start the car (cold). It is more noticeable when the car is out of gear (P or N) compared to "D" or "R".. difference between being under load or not, though it exists in both situations. Once it warms up, it is not a problem.

Is this normal... or detrimental? It's still doing this after the work listed below.. I'll add that it keeps an even idle warm or cold. It just shakes.

Also, preparing it for driving 6,000 miles across this country of ours, hauling an open trailer w/ 400lb motorcycle, and a bunch of my crap. Any work I should consider before making the trek that I haven't done already? I will be pulling it through some mountainous regions near Montana and Idaho.

  • Cleaned Air filter 1 week ago
  • Cleaned MAF 1 week ago
  • Cleaned IAC 1 week ago
  • Cleaned throttle body 1 week ago
  • Synth Oil Change 2 weeks ago
  • Flushed Coolant 1 week ago
  • Tranny fluid /filter changed / magnet cleaned 1 year ago
  • Transmission cooler installed 4 years ago
  • Replaced O2 sensors 1 month ago
  • changed spark plugs, gapped to .042" - iridium plugs Champion model 3401
  • new front tires, rears are in good shape.
  • New serpentine belt 8 months ago
  • mustang GT calipers & new pads, all brake lines bled
  • AC recharged 2 years ago, not leaking.
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