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Show Me Before And After Pics With Eibachs

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I wanna see just how much of a difference there really is. Im thinking about maybe in the future buying a set, but i dunno.
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i dont have a pic of before but here is after
I put on kyb struts and eibach pro-kit springs. The car sits down about 1.5 in. Not slammed. But you will need a GOOD alignment shop, the camber plates in the front will need to be done and camber kits in the rear. I did the struts and springs myself, the alignment cost me $380.00 parts and labor!!! Rides a little harder, but looks great and handles much better!!! Next will be sho sway bars and slotted brake rotors. I don't have any photos hope this info helps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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