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Should I Get Driving Or Fog Lights?

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Since Chicago has bad traffic, a lot of times I take the side streets to get home faster. Disadvantage is, some are poorly lit. Plus I drive a lot out of state, so good lights is a must.
I was considering a harness change for headlights (I already have silverstars), but I don't think it will give me enough light. GEN4 headlights outright suck, I had 02 Wrangler and Lumina sedan, and both had better lights than GEN4 Taurus.

I was wondering if I should get good fogs and use them while I need more light, or should I go with driving lights?

I would like to stay under $100 for this project. Any suggestions on brands and models? Should I go to pepboys kind of place to buy em or should I just do it online?

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A better harness will certainly help, especially with SS's already installed
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I'd recommend looking for "auxilury low-beam" lights. These are designed to supplement the low beams, which one would tend to use more often in the city.

This gives you more light when you would not want to be using your high beams. And they could be adjusted "out" a bit to give you a wider field of view. I think these would be the best compromise.

Fog lights would be my second choice for the same reason-- a much wider field of view, without blinding oncoming traffic. But the range would not be as great as ALB lights.

In most cities, when obeying speed limits, range down road is not as important as it is at higher speeds on open roads.
Key word is "obeying speed limits". Lake Shore Drive here in Chicago begs you to at least do mandatory 10 over, so you don't end up in the 1st lane with all the traffic.

I will look into aux low-beams. Any brand you would suggest?
Lights, brakes and tires are three components I want as perfect as possible in my car. Potholes, crazy(er) drivers, and wet pavement with plenty of oil on it is the reality of my everyday 15 miles each way.
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