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I am looking for original parts netc Motorcraft. No tuning or other s..t couse taurus is taurus and 1992 year has will be youngtimer in 7 years from now:) I have gold GL from 1992 in 100%original when i finish repairing gearbox it will be perfect:) I want to make that SHO perfect. Instead of visiting City of NY
I will be visiting NY junkyard for some parts:)
I have mercedes 300E and 560SL and i prefer driving 1992 taurus GL or 1995 SHO When i bought 1992GL i stoped using those two mustangs:)

Does the dayco timing belt is good? couse we have only dayco in Poland i ordered goodyear but i will get it in 4weeks maybe I will find rest of parts to finish that SHO

If u are selling some new parts then write me on [email protected] price and the cost of shipping/sending them to Poland or to NY
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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