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Sho Issues

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I have a few question, because I just purchased a Ford Taurus SHO. It currently has no spark, like absoultely none, and I was wondering what could cause this, I know 1 is the DIS Module, in which I'm looking into, because one of the connection covers is broken pretty bad but wondering if there is something else that could cause this. Also, I was wondering if the windshield and the Sunroof on the SHO would be the same size as of that of a regular Taurus, so that some windshield replacer will not be like, oh this is a special model, so I'm going to have to charge extra etc, and so I might be able to grab a sunroof off of an LX or Se. I was also wondering, where the code for the keyless entry keypad is, because I'm not sure where to look....and by the way this is a 1992 SHO, your input will help me a lot to get my car all nice and happy.
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No spark could be the DIS. learn how to read codes at www.showtimes.com. Might be the CPS too.

The windshield is the same as any Taurus for that year.

So is the sunroof. Most body parts are Taurus parts and not SHO specific.

Keyless entry code should be on the underside of the trunk lid on the passenger side at the base of the window.
My problem with reading the codes is that I need a jump just to get it to kick over, so the battery couldn't store codes or find them if it had them, because the battery just dies as soon as I take the jumper cables off, I know there is a self test, so perhaps I'll find out how and try and get them out.
The only reason why I don't believe its the CPS, is that I believe the person before me replaced that sensor, also the engine only has 40k on it, and, I don't believe I saw a check engine light on when I was cranking it over, it just wasn't getting spark and starting. Also, I think one of the motor mounts is bad because the DIS is not sitting properly on the side of the engine, like you can't put in all 4 bolts because it looks like the engine is either too far down, or a little to the left (from the front of the hood's perspective), so the DIS is sitting on an angle pointing up as opposed to flush against the engine, plus one of the contact port covers is pretty badly damaged, possibly from hitting the object thats keeping it from being flush against the engine. I know what I'm saying is confusing, but if you look at it, the DIS is just not sitting right... thats why I believe its that, but, if its the CPS or the timing chain or something of that nature, its gonna be a lot of work to get it to crank over.....
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92's arnt equiped with keyless i belive. well mines not and all i have checked dont either. but maybe sho's are diferent.
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